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yeah sure
If I ever had quality I think I lost it.
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Finding a typo in a book


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who is this loser

who is this loser

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友達! by 柊
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よく食べるはつね / ふゆこ@超ボーマスえ11.12
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when you correct the teacher


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These APR were so cute!


These APR were so cute!

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naruto opening 5 is absolutely critical


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by ゆち

by ゆち

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what is this… me doing line art? unheard of

what is this… me doing line art? unheard of

phazonkirby replied to your post
Cats are gross and gross girl! Vile creatures! We’ve been through this D= 7:30pm?!?!?! Oh that’s not so bad then. It’d be me eating food for 20 minutes. Me and my sister get along great =p Oh god there have been times when I walk into a cubicle and
there’s a little brown creature in the toilet. IS NASTY GURL! I JUST FLUSH, SAY “NOPE” AND GO INTO THE OTHER CUBICAL! God forbid they both have the brownies in them… Then I go upstairs. This is just a small story time with PK and the work toilets.
Sasuke EXCUSE ME? What is this. Might just do that. A business guy was a real jerk yesterday D= Just because he was super late sending through his files and wanted it done before the holiday he got mad at me because of the submissions form not workin
NOT MY FAULT! He should have stuck to sending it 2 weeks ago on Monday like he said he would! If I’m royal I will SAY what the merch is! And it’s not Sonic stuff! That stuff belongs in the vault. That is gross Yuko =( Eating people is wrong! Nu uh!
I made modifications whilst you slept. If I was dream me then that would be possible
we have been through this… ur just a hater :/
you eating food is… better than whatever else you could be doing for 20 minutes. why u eating food for 20 minutes
what a coincidence my sister and i get along great too =p especially in 1998
ew! what… gulps… what if they both have dookies… then what will u do
you’re not even afraid of the chance you might clog it
more stories!!!
it’s nothing u obviously hate sasuke too
oh that loser. he better stay mad this is why u gotta be on time and stick to the schedule (ironic?)
Does the sonic merch being in the vault mean it’s worth something or is it like so bad it has to be locked away
If it’s not sonic then what is it??? D: (i did this sonic themed thing)
You’re not eating a person ur eating a dream… u know what they say…. a dream a day… you know the rest.
just eat an invisible stick
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