I draw sometimes.
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phazonkirby replied to your post
Rip first message! Ah I see now. I was hideously lost I’m afraid! Sorry! Sucks that school crappy too. Poor bosslady D= It is easier said than done but I will try =X If you want to watch it, by all means watch it. I can only say from my sister.
(He’s better in Cardcaptors!) Yes. Yes it is. You’d like Cardcaptors. The Japanese one is called Cardcaptor Sakura but I like the English version more. Yas it has been. Adorable? YES HE IS!
Although… There is a high chance we will have to take him back… Some complications… It’s not great. Nor is it Benson’s fault. It’s my mum. It was brilliant though *Flicks hair*
It read other things that were not as nice Missey! Go nuts in Yukostorytime! That’s the essence of Yuko Story Time
Yeahg…. are you trying? Try harder!
Syaoran? Syaoran Li? ok if u say so…. He better be >:^(
I’m sorry about your dog… will you get a less energetic one?
Wellp, I don’t have anything at the moment but maybe some time soon.
How are thingz though? i saw your new title & about. they are H*ck yeah!!!! nice B)
this place is so weird now 0.o


a transparent mew to float on your blog!! 

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