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yeah sure
If I ever had quality I think I lost it.
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Zombiechuro. Don’t worry! At least you’ll think of me when it happens! At most you’ll chip a tooth. Maybe. Holy moly! That is crazy D= Couch sleeping is no good gurl! I know that feeling… Still get it today =D There’s always the Tumblr inbox I gues
Yeah =p A few people asked if I was going to go to A&E and I was like nah it’s not deathly allergic. Which is good. I’d be worried if it was. I was kicked out of hell because I kept bringing cats with me =( DATTEBAYO! I feel better now, yeah =>
I may have… But I have my ways of knowing! Hehe maybe~ He has a cute girlfriend and they’re cute together so I’m happy for him though. I hope he’s doing alright. It’s not my place to ask really… So I just hope for the best.
I asked him once after the weekend and he was kind of short about it so I thought better of it and let it be. Didn’t want to pry. Powerpuff Girls are awesome gurl!
so ur gonna let me chip a tooth… i need that tooth it holds all of the answers
what? it’s kind of comfortable at first………………
it’s a doo doo feeling. now i lost the nerve to send it ╥﹏╥
Really? That’s so good… now you know what 2 avoid next time! :(
UM attention everyone phazonkirby WANTS to fight
GOOD because you know what happens if you dont get better, right? B)
Aslong as u dont kill her like u said u would :)
Oh dang…..rough
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coming out of your room at 3 am and seeing your parents


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New white French style furniture put in my bedroom today - kitten likes it very much


New white French style furniture put in my bedroom today - kitten likes it very much

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boyfriend’s bedspread

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