I draw sometimes.
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the artistic process




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GameInformer took points off of X and Y’s review score because it ‘still feels like a Pokemon game’

Well what the fuck do they expect it to feel like


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Have some flower crown Team Avatar to cheer you up after that last season of Korra!


Here’s my second print to go with my chocobo one… I didn’t get as much done this summer as I thought I would, but I think the stuff I did get to came out really well!


oh my gOd

phazonkirby replied to your post
Oh god it was that bad? Really? D= Surely not… Please say it was better =[ Suffering Maguko Gurl. I was! I’m glowing right now because Marina said that my work was greatly appreciated across the Law school too~ She didn’t even know I was a
placement student! She wants to say thank you to me in person =3 Yup! Das the one! WELP! MRS 10 AND A WEEK +1 FOREVER! I only heard from what my sister said, and she watched it to the end! She read it on Wiki and the whole plot is just… urgh…
Clamp’s best work was Cardcaptors. In the future… needs more weird. Nope. Cats are horrible gross things. Blurgh. Looking forward to puppykins scaring them away. Well… Mum and sister couldn’t pick him up today. So it’ll be tomorrow instead. We’ve
decided to change his name from Benson to Rigby as it sounds better to say => He’s not super small. He’s a good size. I should post a pic~ YESH! Oooo la la la ;3
i never actully was thrown in the lake it;s a myth but i think it would be very bad lmfao Lolol XD xD lol (:
all these friendz… Wow your boss doesnt know what he’s missing! & This means that you are good at what you do so keep up the good work, phazonkirby! :D we all believe in u
maybe that sounds sarcastic, but it’s tru


that drawing from the previous reply was more accurate u should use it

Right? How did she survive… :(… i do like Fai and Kurogane tho.. <3 <3

Really? Worth watching til the end?

You’ll regret uttering those words!

THAT’S TODAY! Both names are cute. cough not that… dog are cute… -_-

A good size is super small ;D

do you have something in particular you want me to pull out my butt?

click. take a pic

you ask & i deliver :)

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These are adorable!

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Quick doodle :3c

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Oh ma gaw how was it? Did you own everyone? Eh? It rhymes? Mmmm kind of. I did feel nice! It made my weekend =p N’aww what qt draws~ Angry Yuko is new Yuko reference! Oh excuse me again! Mrs 10 and a week!
Tsubasa? You mean like Tsubasa Chronicles? That thing that doesn’t make sense and has no real ending? Needs more weird. MUCH more weird. NOPE! I HATE cats. FOREVER! They’re all ugly poop bags. I’m getting a dog on Tuesday though! Benson is his name
He’s like… a year old. Very smart. Mum and sister think he likes me~ All those features too. It’s too much for my small brain. Exactly!! It makes all the difference. Trust me~ POST MORE THEN PLEASE PLEASE YES PLEASE
What? being pushed into a nasty lake? terrible, most likely& even if that did actually happen sakura and i are 1 inch tall
something… suffering… hm.
Good! You were probs glowing that weekend
Oh that’s right, you were using this pic for ref?
Now it’s more than 1 week
Yep, exactly. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle You agree? Oh gosh………. it was confusing and SLOW! I only got to episode 12.
u say that now, phazonkirny…….. but in the future…
They are so cute ……………… everyone know it
That’s today! How is he?
Benson…. cute name for a little doggie ^^
How could animals not like pk? is he really small? take fotos…. :(
Okay……….. for the fans…. i will post more
(rock lee blowing kisses .gif)


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