I draw sometimes.
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that sounds like responsibility and i want no part in it


you are lying if this has never happened to you


bathroom for the next 8 months

Me: *starts drawing while on break at work*
Person: *sits down at same table*
Me: *stops drawing for the rest of the day*


space girl !!!! my favourite bathbomb ever


Okay, whoa, this is a really nice animation of emotion. 

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phazonkirby replied to your post
OH well excuse me then. That is still a minor suffering compared to moi! I had some weird animal come to me and grant some wish or something. Now every day I’m suffering. I am so lost too. I hope so! I need to keep in contact =X I have another story!
I was talking today about the email I got saying about my account being terminated and Andrew said that he thinks our boss doesn’t see the value in what I do! Especially with the Law stuff! And that I shouldn’t undervalue my contribution! It was so
unexpected and sweet! My way of life is sitting at home doing nothing. Lazy is me. YEAH YEAH! Just because you’re like 10 D= What kind of reference is that? It just got weird Yuko D= Turning into toast? That’s weird even for you gurl! It’s fine. They
don’t need ANYTHING. Effectively, yeah actually =p I hiss too~ That is… Okay it’s mean but I need to try that on my neighbour’s cats right now. SUPER SOAKER! PSHSHSHSHH!! When I loaded PS on my old desktop the fans went nuts, whereas Sai was fine.
There are loads of tutorials out there on how to build one =) The hard part is putting it all together and stuff but it’s really cool and easy!
phazonkirby said: Holy cow that oldest one! You did that so soon after I started work!! Please draw more Yuko! Please!
then i was thrown in the lake for freshman friday
hey that rhymes
<3 u must’ve felt so nice and lovely that is a nice thing 2 say

grr you forgot to add 1 week…. 10 and 1 week..

That’s a Tsubasa Reservoir reference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

is it really? hm. havent been weird enough then.

It is mean! but really, try to train them… you might like them a little more if they were well behaved :D

Ohhh yeah, I agree w you on that definitely. PS is just… a lot

Yes, but dedication is key… and the love and effort u put into it makes the perfect computer <3

:O I draw all the time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)