I draw sometimes.
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phazonkirby replied to your post
High five only if you slept at reasonable times… Did you…? I AM THE KIIIIIIING! I high five myself for jokes of that epic proportion~ Oooo I’ve not had smoothies before! I breathe Tumblr. It makes me well in the world! SHHHHHHHHHRUP! In it goes!

no i


wHAT not had smoothies before? gosh darn it pk- so many thing

ah i see. oh look



Maybe tied up by a rope in the sky… Yeah, like when you join letters with curls and whatnot. Wasn’t that forced into you in school? Dat char limit Tis there! I sense it! You can try popping them out to get it out =>
oh u mean script?…
yeah i was frovced to d oit in elementary but i never really used it you know what i mean
f the char limit
Alright, i  will try that!