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— “Very kawaii / poetic”



yeah sure
If I ever had quality I think I lost it.
— I do believe…


I have grabbed sanity by the throat…

And thrown it out the window! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


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a list of things i find annoying:

  • children
  • children who are rude to a teacher because they think it’s funny
  • children who are rude to their parents/friends in an attempt to look cool/show off to their friends/family
  • children who yell
  • children who try to act like they’re the adult in every situation
  • children in general

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- me: *does weird things when home alone*
- me: I bet there's hidden cameras


feeling a bit unsettled today… meh. 

I should be cleaning my room  but I’m not lol.  


So… many… things… to reblog and shit… ;A;

— Someone Texts You Something Sweet…

…and you find out they sent it to the wrong person.



— I dunno about these guys… TMI, Dammit!

Okay, I love the Mortal Instruments and unfortunately am still only a little more than half way done with City of Glass. So, any other fans, or what? The Mortal Instruments movie is supposed to be premiering August 23, 2013, as you probably already heard or whatever I dunno know. As far as I know, this is the official cast…

(Lily Collins) Clary. Clary’s (cast is) okay. Not my “dream match,” but still a “yes.”

(Jamie Campbell-Bower) Jace: Okay, wait. This could work… After researching more pics of him, he’s okay. Somewhat close to what I thought Jace andallhissexyfineself would look like coughalexpettyfercough.

(Robert Sheehan) Simon: Oh my Lord, he’s perfect. Just… Okay, admittedly not my “perfectlyperfectdreammatch” but VERY VERY Accurate. I have a good feeling about him (and the better part of Jace’s cast). It would be horrible if he opens his mouth an a little girl’s voice was heard, though…

(Jemima West) Isabelle: …I’ll have to see the movie for her, but she looks purdy.

(Godfrey Gao) Magnus Bane: WHEREIZALLMAGNUS’HAIRBROSKII? Still. prettydamnsexyfine. Check plus.

We’re not going to even talk about Jocelyn.

I’m so totally waiting for  Alec, Mayrise, Robert, Luke and Valentine. There’s at least one other person I really want to see, but I’m not even sure if they’re going to make that part of the movie, so.

[You can find the casts in cluding the ones I did not mention on Cassandra Clare’s website: Here ]

If you haven’t read the book, read it (if you’re interested, you have no idea how many people I know that claimed they hated the Hunger Gamesblahblahblah, liked the movie and then read the book). Gawsh. Okay. That’s off of my chest. kthxBAI…~


I miss Mozilla Firefox.

Mine is being a dick right now so I’m stuck with…




Internet Explorer.

New cursor


I feel happy.


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When you’ve been insulted so many times that you insult yourself for humour

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— Reblog if you can’t even

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— Fact 047: I automatically laugh if you’re laughing.


I don’t know why. Say if I’m talking to a friend or something and she/he starts laughing, I’d start laughing, even if I don’t know what they’re laughing about.

Happy Independence Day!

— WUU~

Ohhhh Fralala~

Pink Costume wig coming in da maaaaaail~

I’m starting my costume for other shitz now, because I sure as hell won’t have anytime later~



How ddi your costumes go? Oh WELL

Doesn’tt matter,

I’m sure

they were the bestest